About Sassy Knitwear



Our upcycled-wool and organic cotton Neck Warmers and Hats

Our upcycled-wool and organic cotton Neck Warmers and Hats

What makes Sassy Knitwear special?

Besides the obvious spirited design and great material selection, Sassy Knitwear really is about change. It is time to change the way you think about business, shopping and community. No more do we have to accept clothing made overseas in questionable working conditions with compromised materials. As a matter of fact, why even wonder at all.

At Sassy Knitwear the whole process is clear and centralized in our store, from start to finish. It starts with a responsible attitude in sourcing our fabrics and ends with the consumer buying a product that they believe in. Its local, sustainable and smart. When you wear Sassy, you can feel good inside and out.

What we do:

 At Sassy Knitwear we craft great clothing.

It begins with materials that are responsibly sourced. We take fabrics that are already in the consumer stream and repurpose or "upcycle" them. We also use new organic material that we purchase from Green Textile, an American-made, family owned business with outstanding values. We then hand-dye the new material and by combining these fabrics with a huge selection of upcycled materials, you are left with a very exciting palate from which to begin the creation process.

It's all made in-house. From the dying process to designing, cutting and sewing, it is all done in our shop with a small and dedicated group of friends and we intend to keep it that way. This makes our community stronger and results in a superior product, both in creativity and quality. It also provides you with a satisfying and intimate shopping experience. Not only that, the clothing we make works for real people. It moves well, wears well, looks good and feels good.

Our values and the way we conduct our operations point to a new model of business for a sustainable future. It is also a sure way to bring power back into the hands of small business, individuals and communities. Thanks for your support…nice choice!